Senate Democrats

Reid Statement On White House Meeting To Discuss Health Insurance Reform

Washington, DCSenate Majority Leader Harry Reid released the following statement this evening at the conclusion of his meeting at the White House to discuss the merger of the Senate health insurance reform proposal:

“Today’s meeting was a continuation of the productive health insurance reform conversations we have had in the Senate throughout the week.  I am encouraged with how close we are to delivering access to quality, affordable health insurance to all Americans in a fiscally responsible way.  The role of the President and his health care team has been critical to our efforts in the last week and will be even more important as we move forward.  

“We’ll continue to work together to seek broad consensus on the key issues before us and to craft the strongest possible bill that can garner 60 votes.   We will also continue to do our best to represent the views of all members of the Senate who have a genuine desire to see reform succeed.  But our mission is clear: the American people want quality, affordable health insurance and failure is not an acceptable option.  I am optimistic that we are close to laying a proposal before the full Senate that will do just that.”