Senate Democrats

Obstruction Junction

Have you heard the rumor? Not content with their formidable list of held-up nominations and legislative delays, Senate Republicans are now hoping to bring the clean energy bill to a screeching halt. GOP senators are threatening to boycott today’s Environment and Public Works’ markup on the Clean Energy Jobs and American Power Act
Senator James Inhofe alleges that he has unanimous support among the committee’s minority members to boycott the session until they receive additional data on the bill from EPA and the Congressional Budget Office. Knowing full well that committee rules require that Chairman Barbara Boxer have at least two GOP senators present to hold a markup, Republicans have found a way to halt all progress on clean energy legislation.

Over the past several months, we’ve witnessed GOP obstructionism at every turn — with health insurance reform, unemployment benefits extension and the confirmation of countless nominees.

The next GOP obstruction junction? — clean energy legislation.

While Republicans block a vote on the Kerry-Boxer bill, we miss a chance to take steps to clean our air, create American jobs, and become good stewards of our planet. "This, my friends, is a no-brainer…If we do not cease this moment to do the right things, history will look back at us, and our children and our grandchildren will say, "Where were you as this planet undergoes catastrophic damage?" We can do it."

– Senator Bernie Sanders, October 27, 2009

Be sure to watch today’s EPW session live at or on C-SPAN 2.