Senate Democrats

Reid: President’s Plan Will Deny Al Qaeda In Afghanistan And Protect Americans At Home

Washington, DCSenate Majority Leader Harry Reid released the following statement this evening after the President’s address to the nation regarding U.S. strategy in Afghanistan:

“With clarity and conviction, the President presented not only a sound strategy for sending our troops to Afghanistan, but also a clear plan to begin to bring them home.  President Obama made a convincing case that sending additional troops to Afghanistan to fight al Qaeda and other terrorist groups is critical to our national security.  After years of the previous administration’s neglect, we will finally give this mission the attention and resources it demands. 

“We know that more troops alone will not be enough.  Success requires a comprehensive, integrated military and civilian strategy, and after he carefully considered advice from both military and civilian leaders, I was pleased to hear the President outline exactly such an approach.  It was also encouraging to hear the President acknowledge that we are not in this fight alone, that he is working to enhance our allies’ contribution to this effort, and that he will demand accountability from the governments of Afghanistan and Pakistan.  

“More than anything, I am pleased that he made clear that our resources are not unlimited and our commitment is not open-ended.  By laying out a strategy that will begin to bring our mission to a close within the next 18 months, the President drew an essential distinction between his approach to the war and that of the previous administration.

“The President’s decision honors our troops, including many from my home state of Nevada, and the sacrifices they are making to protect us here at home.  I am convinced that his decision demonstrates the decisive leadership they deserve.”