Senate Democrats

Reid: Gregg Amendment Would Have Restored Millions In Wasteful Spending And Threatened Medicare’s Future

Washington, D.C.Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid released the following statement this evening after the Senate voted against passage of the Gregg amendment.  The Gregg amendment would have gutted the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act and restored millions in wasteful spending to Medicare Advantage:

“I’m pleased that Senate Democrats were able to block Republican efforts to restore wasteful spending to the Medicare Advantage program.  The Gregg amendment would have protected wasteful subsidies to insurance companies at the expense of families struggling to afford insurance and seniors who rely on Medicare.  It was a bad deal for America’s working families and seniors.

“The only people who are complaining about ending this wasteful spending are the big insurance companies who receive hundreds of billions in subsidies from America’s taxpayers and their defenders.  Our bill saves money, saves lives and saves Medicare.”