Senate Democrats

Reid: The American People Are Growing Weary Of Republican Doubletalk On Health Reform

Washington, D.C.Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid released the following statement this evening after Senate Republicans again stalled progress on The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act by blocking amendments to this bill:

“Senate Republicans’ tactic of the day has been to talk out of both sides of their mouth and hope that no one notices.  They went to great lengths this morning to claim that they want to have votes on the health reform this weekend.  When presented with an opportunity to vote on amendments – including their own – this evening, they reverted back to their playbook of delay, deny and derail.

“The theatrics and doubletalk from the Republican side of the aisle may make for interesting political theater, but it does nothing for the tens of millions of uninsured Americans, many in Nevada, who are looking for action.  Every day that is wasted with inside-the-Beltway tricks by Republicans is a disservice to those Americans who are suffering because of inadequate health care.
“Senate Democrats will work to strengthen our bill, and we welcome Republicans to join us in making reform succeed.  We know that our bill saves lives, saves money and saves Medicare.”