Senate Democrats

What Health Benefits Do You Get Immediately?

Since the Senate released the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, a lot of people have been asking, "what benefits do I get immediately?" To answer that question, here is an overview of health insurance market reforms that will bring immediate benefits to millions of Americans, including those who currently have coverage:   

  • Access to affordable coverage for the uninsured with pre-existing conditions
  • Re-insurance for retiree health benefit plans
  • Closes the coverage gap in the Medicare (Part D) Drug Benefit
  • Small business tax credits
  • Extension of dependent coverage for young adults
  • Free prevention benefits
  • No arbitrary limits on coverage
  • Protection from rescissions of existing coverage
  • Prohibits discrimination based on salary
  • Ensure value for premium payments
  • Pubic access to comparable information on insurance options
  • Assist states in establishing offices of health insurance consumer assistance
  • Clear summaries, without the fine print
  • Implement an effective appeals process
  • Simplify administrative processes to reduce costs

  For more details on these benefits, please go to: and click on Immediate Benefits.