Senate Democrats

Reid Spokesman: Offensive Republican Rhetoric Is The Latest Desperate Attempt To Derail Reform

Washington, D.C.Jim Manley, spokesman for Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, released the following statement this afternoon after comments by Senator Coburn urging prayer that some Senators are unable to cast a critical vote on The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act:
“We thought it was offensive when Senate Republicans tried to hold up critical troop funding to avoid a debate on health reform, but Senator Coburn’s comments today are beyond the pale.  With the worst winter storm in years and icy roads, calling on people to pray that a Senator does not make it back for tonight’s vote, as Dr. Coburn did, is repulsive.
“People are getting sick and going bankrupt because they lack the quality health care they need.  All that Republicans have to offer are offensive comments and fear mongering.”