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Reid, Baucus, Dodd, Harkin Announce The American Medical Association’s Support Of The Senate Health Reform Bill

Washington, DC— Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, Senate Finance Chairman Max Baucus, Senate Banking Committee Chairman Chris Dodd and Senate HELP Committee Chairman Tom Harkin joined Dr. Cecil Wilson of the American Medical Association (AMA) at a press conference this afternoon to announce AMA’s support of The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. AMA is the latest health advocacy organization to announce their support for the Senate bill, generating unprecedented momentum for reform.  Attached is their letter to Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid.

“We appreciate the support of the American Medical Association, one of the most respected voices in medical community,” said Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid.  “Americans are dying from diseases we know how to treat and living in pain because they can’t afford to go to a doctor. Medical professionals like Dr. Wilson see this every day – they understand that the cost of inaction is too high to ignore.  Our bill will bring needed relief to hundreds of thousands of Nevadans and millions of Americans who wake up every day without health insurance or in fear of losing it.”

Senator Baucus said: “The American people trust their doctors to do what’s right for their health.  Today’s American Medical Association endorsement of our bill is further assurance the Senate health care reform bill is the right prescription for the health of our country,” Baucus said.  “These doctors work on the front lines of our health care system every day and they know firsthand just how desperately we need reform.  I thank them for their tireless efforts on behalf of patients and I look forward to continuing to work with them to pass meaningful health care reform.”  

"There is no relationship more important than the one between patient and doctor," said Senator Dodd.  "And that’s why the AMA’s endorsement of the Health Care bill is so important.  Doctors know that this reform will help to ensure that Americans can continue to see the physician of their choice — and that doctors can spend more time treating patients and less time fighting with insurance companies.  I’m grateful for the AMA’s support, and look forward to the passage of this legislation so that America’s doctors can continue to provide excellent care to families."

Senator Harkin said: “No one knows America’s health care system better than doctors. They know the predicament of tens of millions of Americans without health insurance, whose injuries and diseases go without proper treatment, of patients who have coverage, but their health insurance company refuses to pay for procedures, or cancels their policy after they get sick and they know the lives and money that could be saved if we invested more generously in wellness and disease prevention. America’s doctors have sized up our broken health care system.  And their prescription for a cure is to pass the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.”

“All Americans deserve affordable, high-quality health coverage so they can get the medical care they need – and this bill advances many of our priority issues for achieving the vision of a health system that works for patients and physicians,” said Dr. Cecil Wilson. “The AMA will stay engaged in the process to ensure that the final bill that goes to President Obama for his signature will improve the health care system for patients and physicians.”