Senate Democrats

Reid: GOP Playing Politics With National Security By Stalling Key TSA Nominee

Washington, DC—Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid released the following statement today regarding how Senate Republicans have played politics with national security by stalling President Obama’s nominee to lead the Transportation Security Administration (TSA):
"The American people deserve the peace of mind to know that their government is doing everything possible to keep them safe.  In the Senate, we have an important role in defending America by confirming the President’s nominees for key agencies in a timely fashion.
"One such nominee is Erroll Southers, designated by President Obama to lead the Transportation Security Administration (TSA).  As a former FBI special agent and a counterterrorism expert with 30 years of experience in homeland security issues, Mr. Southers would have a critical role in ensuring the safety of our nation’s transportation infrastructure.  Despite his qualifications and being reported out by two Senate committees earlier this year, Republicans have decided to play politics with this nomination by blocking final confirmation.  Not only is this a failed strategy, but a dangerous one as well with serious potential consequences for our country.
"I urge swift action to get President Obama’s nominees – particularly those related to national security – confirmed as quickly as possible.  I will file cloture on Mr. Southers’ nomination when the Senate reconvenes in January to make sure that the President has another key member of his national security team in his place."