Senate Democrats

Reid: Strong Action Needed To Keep Our Country Safe

Washington, D.C.—Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid released the following statement this evening in reaction to President Obama’s announcement about steps taken to improve the nation’s air security system and intelligence:
“The attempted Christmas Day terrorist attack is a jarring reminder of the need for constant vigilance against the threat of terrorism, and it exposed deficiencies that we must move swiftly to correct.  I am encouraged that the President has responded in a serious, deliberate and swift fashion.  President Obama spoke with great clarity and resolve today as he outlined the important steps his administration is taking to enhance our aviation screening and security systems, examine what went wrong, quicken response time and improve the intelligence community’s ability to connect the dots and follow-up on threats to our homeland.  As the President said, there is no silver bullet, but we can and will continue to respond forcefully to threats to stay a step ahead of our enemies.
“I also agree with the President’s assessment that we can prevail in this fight to keep our country safe while still preserving the freedoms that help make our nation great.  Those who seek to harm us not only want to inflict physical damage but also want to shake our confidence and topple our economy in the process.  As we take steps to improve our security, we need to take a hard look at practical, common-sense security measures that make us safer without making travel more onerous.  Like the President, I’m confident that we can ensure the safety of our nation while still allowing our domestic travel and tourism industries to thrive as our economy recovers.
“I strongly support the President’s decision to act quickly to protect the nation. The Senate will also be conducting a series of hearings to further examine these issues and to make sure that we are vigilant in keeping America strong and secure.”