Senate Democrats

The Way Forward

Today marks the one-year anniversary of the inauguration of President Barack Obama, as well as the first day of the second session of the 111th Congress.    A year ago today our country was reeling from an economic catastrophe and on the brink of collapse.   Congress and the president took swift action to clean up the mess that was left to us. We worked together as Democrats, and sought the support of our Republican colleagues, to take steps to put our nation on the path of economic recovery.     There is still a tremendous amount of work that needs to be done this session to get our country back on track. This session will require bold, but pragmatic new ideas and the cooperation of both parties.    Speaking on the Senate floor this morning, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid spoke of the impact of his visits in Nevada with constituents. "Visiting with Nevadans, as I did over the past few weeks, it’s impossible not to be motivated to get back to the business of legislating. It’s impossible to ignore their grief over growing foreclosures, or the uncertainty of unemployment, or the frustration of fighting insurance companies for your family’s health." said Reid. "And it’s just as evident that the people of Nevada and the nation need us to work toward sensible solutions, rather than drown once again in the partisan bickering that consumed much of 2009."   In the coming months, Senate Democrats will be working towards a number of key priorities, including:  

  • Ensure that Americans can access affordable health care 
  • Help Americans keep their homes and their jobs
  • Create new jobs, with an emphasis on good-paying, clean energy jobs
  • Address our daunting energy and climate challenges

This agenda is too critical to our economic security to politicize. "By and large, those in the minority has so far shown far too little interest in working with us," said Reid. "I hope that in this new year they will resolve to leave their partisan, political motivations behind. I hope they will share our renewed motivation to get to work."