Senate Democrats

Reid: State Of The Union Address Lays Out President’s Vision For Moving America Forward Together

Washington, D.C.Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid released the following statement this evening after the President spoke to both houses of Congress and the nation with his first annual State of the Union address:
“Like the President, Senate Democrats are focused on putting Americans back to work, protecting struggling homeowners, strengthening our national security and ensuring affordable health insurance.
“President Obama engaged America in a conversation about what has worked, what needs improvement and how we can move forward together.  Senate Democrats view the challenge of cleaning up the mess we inherited as an opportunity to set our nation back on the path to progress and prosperity.
“Nevadans and all Americans should know that their leaders in Washington understand their struggles and have a plan to relieve them.  Jobs are still too few, health care is still too scarce and expensive, foreclosures are still too frequent and our energy future is still too treacherous.  With thousands of Nevadans and millions of Americans under this tremendous pressure to make ends meet, now is no time to let up.  As the President expressed tonight, we are moving full speed ahead in bringing about the meaningful change that we were sent to Washington to deliver.”