Senate Democrats

Reid: Pay-As-You-Go Rules Promote Common Sense Spending Principles That Should Be Nonpartisan

Washington, D.C.Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid released the following statement this afternoon after the Senate voted to adopt pay-as-you-go rules to bring common sense principles to federal spending:
“Senate Democrats are leading the effort to fix our economic problems in a fiscally responsible way.  While I’m encouraged that we passed this important amendment, it’s disheartening that Senate Republicans declined to join us in taking this step to rein in federal spending less than 24 hours after the President called for a renewed spirit of responsibility, common sense and bipartisanship.
“The pay-as-you-go rule that we adopted today would apply the same discipline to the federal budget that American families use every day in their own lives: in order to spend a dollar, we have to have that dollar in our wallet.  This is the type of sensible, responsible leadership that Senate Democrats are bringing into the federal budget process after eight years of reckless spending that helped create the mess that we’re in today.
“The American people expect Senate Republicans to join us in a serious commitment to control federal spending.  Earlier this week, they said ‘no’ to a proposed budget commission that would promote responsible spending and reduce the deficit.  We even saw seven Republicans vote against the very proposal to which they signed their name as sponsors.  Senators can disagree about what caused the current economic uncertainty, but the American people expect us to put partisanship aside to find solutions.”