Senate Democrats

Senate Leadership Discuss President’s State Of The Union Address

Washington, DCSenate Majority Leader Harry Reid joined Assistant Senate Majority Leader Dick Durbin, Democratic Conference Vice Chairman Charles Schumer and Democratic Conference Secretary Patty Murray at a press conference today to discuss President Obama’s State of the Union address. Last night, the President laid out his top priorities including plans for spurring job creation, strengthening the economy for the future, cleaning up Wall Street, keeping America safe and ensuring access to quality, affordable health care for all Americans.
“The President made it clear last night that our number-one focus this year is putting Americans back to work.  Senate Democrats couldn’t agree more,” said Senate Majority Leader Reid.  “Last year was about stabilizing our economy; this year is about reviving our economy and nursing it back to health.  The steps we take will be bring unemployment down in Nevada and across the nation.  As Senate Democrats work to strengthen our economy, we hope Republicans will finally decide to stop rooting for failure and start working with us to create jobs.”
Senator Durbin said: “Last night the President spoke of the challenges our nation faces and of his confidence in the American people to meet and overcome those challenges. He laid out a vision for the future that focused on creating jobs and turning our economy around. He challenged policymakers to work together to help businesses and spur innovation, make education more affordable, and expand health care for millions of Americans. I believe that was the right message at the right time for America.”
“The bottom line from the State of the Union is this: the President is listening to our country and is now leading Washington to focus on jobs, the economy and the middle class,” said Senator Schumer. “His programs are of modest cost, but are sharply targeted at helping working families. The President said that jobs is the No. 1 issue for 2010, and we couldn’t agree more.”
Senator Murray said:  “Last night, President Obama spoke frankly to the American people about an ambitious agenda to get our economy back on track and put people back to work.  He detailed plans to help small business and to prioritize education.  He talked about what we can do to reign in wasteful spending, tackle our debt, and hold Wall Street accountable for its failures.  He demanded that we continue forward to improve our health care system to help get coverage for those who don’t have it and bring down costs for those who do.  And we will work with the President on these issues and many others to grow our economy and tackle our debt without hurting those who are already struggling.”