Senate Democrats

Reid, Durbin, Baucus, Dorgan, Schumer Discuss Jobs Agenda

Washington, DC— Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, Assistant Senate Majority Leader Dick Durbin, Senate Finance Committee Chairman Max Baucus, Democratic Policy Committee Chairman Byron Dorgan and Democratic Conference Vice Chair Chuck Schumer held a press conference Thursday to discuss a job creation agenda.  With so many Americans out of work, creating and saving jobs is a top priority.  Senate Democrats are committed to job creation and look forward to working with Republicans to help millions of Americans find good-paying, dependable jobs.  Attached is the Senate Democratic Jobs Agenda that represents short-term and long-term initiatives Democrats will work to pass this year to spur job creation. 
“Too many Americans will lie awake tonight and worry about their families’ future – that’s why Senate Democrats are dedicating this year to creating jobs,” said Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid.  “Our jobs agenda will help small businesses thrive, make our homes and buildings more energy efficient, invest in improving roads and bridges and put more police on the streets and teachers in the classrooms.  Senate Democrats are focused on putting people back to work and keeping our economy on the right track.”
Senator Durbin said: “This morning we laid out a Democratic jobs agenda for America,” Durbin said. “This is an agenda and a not a single bill for one simple reason: we consider this to be a starting point. To or colleagues on the Republican side of the aisle – we extend a hand in good faith and we will find every opportunity to work with you, but we will draw the line at letting obstructionism stand the way of creating jobs for the millions of Americans who need them.”
·        “Thanks to the swift and bold actions we took last year, we’ve helped pull our economy back from the brink of collapse and economists say we are now on the road to recovery,” said Senator Baucus. “But for hard-working Americans still struggling to get by, recovery is not coming quickly enough. More than seven million workers have lost jobs since the start of the recession and far too many remain unemployed.  This is why we must focus on job-creation – and do it now.  We must use every legislative tool we have available to create good-paying jobs for American workers.  I look forward to considering the first bill in our job-creation agenda to get our economy moving again and I am optimistic this effort will gain broad support.  Let us work together to get Americans back to work  this year.”
Senator Dorgan said: “The top priority right now is to move forward on a jobs agenda that help small- and medium-sized businesses put people back to work. It is my hope that the Congress can come together in a bi-partisan way to lay the foundation for new jobs. While the economy is starting to see some growth, a real economic recovery is not possible without long-lasting, meaningful job creation.”
“When it comes to jobs, we won’t settle for one-and-done,” said Senator Schumer. “We are going to keep pushing ideas and bringing bills to the Senate floor. The President said that jobs is the No. 1 issue for 2010, and we couldn’t agree more. In fact, the top three issues on our agenda this year are jobs, jobs and jobs.”