Senate Democrats

Reid: Recent Progress Against Taliban Shows The President’s Plan Is Working

Washington, DC– Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid released the following statement today in reaction to recent progress by U.S. forces versus the Taliban in Afghanistan and Pakistan:

“President Obama and his national security team have put together a plan that is working in the volatile Afghanistan-Pakistan region. By all accounts, the major offensive in Marjah is achieving important successes. In recent days, the Pakistani government has also arrested key Taliban leaders which will disrupt their operations. As the U.S. continues to carry out its strategy, we remain hopeful that the Pakistani government will maintain their commitment to achieve our shared goal of defeating these terrorists.

“There will undoubtedly continue to be ups and downs in Pakistan and in the conflict in Afghanistan, but I’m encouraged by these recent developments as we press forward to defeat this enemy. I remain confident in President Obama’s judgment and leadership to keep our country safe from those who seek to harm us.”