Senate Democrats

Moving Forward With Our Jobs Agenda

Yesterday evening, the Senate’s jobs bill cleared the first hurdle in a 62-30 vote, garnering five Republican supporters along the way.

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid was elated with the conclusion of the vote.

“I hope this is the beginning of a new day here in the Senate,” said Reid. “Whether this new day was created by the new Senator from Massachusetts or some other reason, I’m very, very happy that were able to get this done. But there are some winners. Not any individual Senator, not Democrats or Republicans. The winners are small business people throughout this country.”

The HIRE Act, which will see a final vote on Wednesday, offers a series of provisions designed to spur job creation, including:

  • Payroll tax holiday for businesses to encourage hiring
  • Section 129 Expensing to help small businesses expand
  • Extension of the Highway Trust Fund allowing for billions in infrastructure investment and saving one million jobs
  • Expansion of the Build America Bonds program to allow states to borrow more for infrastructure projects

While Senate Democrats are disappointed that 29 Republicans opposed a fully paid-for bill that incorporated many of their ideas, last night’s vote showed that strengthening our economy and creating jobs trumps politics.