Senate Democrats

Reid Appoints Durbin, Baucus, Conrad To Presidential Commission That Will Help Rein In Spending And Reduce The Deficit

Washington, DC– Nevada Senator Harry Reid released the following statement to announce Senate appointees to the deficit commission President Obama established last week: “One of the top issues for many of the Nevadans I met with last week was the need to get federal spending under control. That is why Senate Democrats supported establishment of a deficit reduction commission by statute earlier this year. Unfortunately, strong Republican opposition – including by several Republicans who co-sponsored a statutory commission – prevented this important legislation from passing. “I am pleased that President has decided to take bold action to move forward and create a commission by executive order. The establishment of this commission is an important signal that we understand the need to address our fiscal challenges and are committed to finding bipartisan solutions. Senators Durbin, Baucus and Conrad all have vast experience in dealing with the federal budget and have a proven record of looking out for working families like those in Nevada. “I have committed to President Obama that I will work to ensure that the commission’s recommendations receive a vote in the Senate. Senate Democrats understand that we have to be responsible stewards of the federal budget.”