Senate Democrats

Reid: Jobs Agenda Continues With Measures To Help Out-Of-Work Americans And Boost Businesses

Washington, DC– Nevada Senator Harry Reid released the following statement to discuss plans to unveil a new round of ideas to help strengthen businesses, create jobs and help out-of-work Americans: “Addressing the economic challenges facing working families in Nevada and all across the nation is the top priority of Senate Democrats. Yesterday the Senate voted to move forward on a targeted jobs bill that could save or create over a million jobs. But Senate Democrats won’t rest because we know there is much more we need to do to help working families struggling to make ends meet. “That is why I plan to introduce legislation within the next week to extend critical unemployment insurance and COBRA health benefits, extend additional assistance to help states and extend tax relief for individuals and businesses. Each of these proposals has enjoyed Republican support in the past. “With so many Nevadans facing economic uncertainty and needing critical assistance to support their families, we hope Republicans will work with us on our bipartisan jobs agenda. We need to continue efforts to strengthen our economy, create jobs and support working Americans throughout the year.”