Senate Democrats

Reid: Out-Of-Work Nevadans Left Vulnerable Because Of Republican Delay Tactics

Washington, DC– Nevada Senator Harry Reid released the following statement after another unanimous consent request to extend critical expiring provisions, unemployment insurance and COBRA benefits, was rejected by Senate Republicans for the second consecutive day:

“So many Nevada families depend on unemployment insurance and COBRA benefits, and we cannot leave them vulnerable to losing this critical assistance as they struggle to find work. Republicans are delaying efforts to extend these programs for a short time while we try to find agreement on a long-term solution. This obstruction has serious consequences for the millions of unemployed Americans who count on these benefits to get them through these difficult times.

“This is an opportunity for us to come together to support programs that help people in every state across the nation and the gridlock has to stop. I urge my Republican colleagues to help us extend these programs before they expire and we can continue work together on a longer-term solution.”