Senate Democrats

Reid’s Opening Remarks at the Health Care Summit

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid’s message to the participants at today’s health care summit was simple: Americans want us to finish the job.

A Kaiser health poll this week reported that 58% of Americans would be “disappointed” or “angry” if Congress doesn’t pass health care reform. Across this country, more than 60% of Republicans, Democrats and Independents want Congress to:

  • Reform the way health care works
  • Make it cheaper for small businesses to cover their workers
  • Give consumers more choices and insurance companies more competition
  • Close the “doughnut hole”

When 45,000 Americans die each year because they can’t afford health care, sticking with more of the same just won’t work.

When medical bills make up 62% of bankruptcies, even though 80% of them have health care, it’s time to reform our broken health care system.

We’re the only developed country on earth where either of these can happen. Senate Democrats are committed to getting the job done.