Senate Democrats

What Health Reform Is Really About — People

As important as the policy discussions are at today’s health care summit, this debate is really about the American people. Now a few months old, but every bit as relevant, here are some remarks from Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid on the eve of a historic vote on health care reform legislation last December:

“Health reform is not about procedure, or partisanship, or politics.

It is about people. People like the thousands who write us every day. A small, small fraction of those letters are right here on my desk.

Each one of these letters represents a story, a tragedy, a life, a death — a person.

People who wake up every morning and struggle to get health care or struggle to hold on to it.

People who lie awake every night second-guessing the agonizing decisions they have to make about what to sacrifice just to say healthy.

This is not about the number of pages in this bill. It is about the number of people whom this bill will help.”