Senate Democrats

SDCC Announces New Spokesman To Explain Why The American People Deserve A Simple Up Or Down Vote

Spokesman to Be Featured on SDCC Website

Washington, DC— Today the Senate Democratic Communications Center (SDCC) announced Senator Judd Gregg as its new spokesman to explain why reconciliation is a simple up or down vote that the American people deserve.  Senator Gregg announced his support for reconciliation in a video that the SDCC released today.  In the video, Senator Gregg explains that reconciliation is a part of Senate rules that can be used to adjust existing legislation and discusses why it is a common part of the democratic process.
“We are using the rules of the Senate here.  It is totally inappropriate for a Senator to come to this floor and represent that this (reconciliation) is some sort of unethical act,” said Senator Gregg.  “The point is, if you’ve got 51 votes for your position you win.”
“We appreciate Senator Gregg’s support and his explanation of reconciliation,” said SDCC Spokesman Rodell Mollineau.  “We could not have expressed it better ourselves.”
Senator Gregg’s video testimonial about reconciliation can be viewed here:  This video will also be featured on the SDCC website.