Senate Democrats

Rockefeller, Dorgan Discuss How FAA Bill Will Improve Air Safety And Strengthen The Economy

Washington, DC—Senators Jay Rockefeller and Byron Dorgan held a press conference this afternoon to discuss how the FAA Reauthorization Act will improve safety and efficiency in air travel and strengthen the economy.  This bill will improve the nation’s economy as a whole by reducing delays and fuel consumption at airports and in the air.  It also has the potential to create and save 150,000 American jobs.  Senate Democrats are committed to continuing their work to strengthen the economy and create jobs.
“As we all know – a vibrant and strong aviation system is fundamental to our nation’s long-term economic growth – from the largest cities to the smallest communities in my home state of West Virginia – because it connects our citizen’s and our businesses with the global economy,” said Senator Rockefeller. “Not only does this bill go a long way toward improving safety, reducing congestion, and modernizing our aviation system, but it secures over one hundred thousand American jobs boosting our economy.  Given the challenges our nation’s aviation system faces, we must work swiftly to pass The FAA Transportation Modernization and Safety Improvement Act and move quickly to sign it into law for the safety and future of America’s air passengers, our aviation system, and our economy.”
Senator Dorgan said: “This bill will create jobs across the country and improve safety in our nation’s aviation industry. It will also modernize our aviation system and strengthen our economy by investing in an industry that helps fuel our nation’s economic engine,” Dorgan said. “It’s absolutely critical to pass this legislation.”