Senate Democrats

Reid Statement On Health Reform Progress In The House

Washington, DCNevada Senator Harry Reid released the following statement this afternoon after the House introduced their reconciliation bill to adjust the health reform bill that passed the Senate with a supermajority of 60 votes in December:
“Nevadans and all Americans want access to quality, affordable health care, and the bill that the House introduced today moves us another important step closer to that reality.  A simple up-or-down vote on its adjustments to the bill the Senate already passed would make our good bill even better.  These adjustments would ensure that our bill makes health insurance more affordable; reduces the deficit by $138 billion in the first decade; expands coverage to 32 million Americans; closes the prescription-drug doughnut hole for seniors; attacks waste, fraud and abuse in the health system; and helps states provide health care for those in need.    
“Republicans have shown that they are fighting for insurance company profits and rising health care costs – more of the same.  Democrats understand the uncertainty that middle class families face, and we are fighting to put Americans back in control of their own health care.  The President and Congressional Democrats have taken the time to get this legislation right, and we know that the time is now to complete our work.”