Senate Democrats

Health Care Is Personal

During the marathon debate on the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act‘s reconciliation package, Sen. Frank Lautenberg sent a strong message to Republican senators about the cost of inaction on health care reform. "I say to my colleagues on the other side, open up. Tell the truth. If you don’t want to give those people coverage, affordable coverage, then throw in the coverage that you have, throw in your policy. And when you say no to the 32 million people, say I meant it when I say no, and I’m giving up my coverage like those people out there."   Lautenberg’s cancer diagnosis has reinforced his believe that health care reform is imperative for all Americans. "Many, I think, know that recently I was stricken with an illness. Five weeks ago this time I was in an ambulance on my way to the hospital bleeding profusely, very sick. I was lucky. I had health care coverage. The doctors were there waiting for me. It was because I had health care coverage that I stand here today on my way to full cure. Less hair, but still willing to fight for the people that I represent, for the people across this country who are being denied coverage."