Senate Democrats

Reid: START Treaty Reestablishes U.S. Leadership On Nuclear Security And Keeps America Safe

Washington, DCNevada Senator Harry Reid released the following statement today in reaction to President Obama signing a new START treaty with Russia to reduce nuclear weapons and keep America safe:

“I commend the President for signing a historic treaty that will help keep Nevadans and Americans safe from nuclear attack.  Along with the groundbreaking Nuclear Posture Review released last week, today’s signing of the new START treaty firmly reestablishes U.S. leadership on global non-proliferation and arms control and demonstrates that we can take concrete steps to secure a nuclear-free world without sacrificing America’s security.  This treaty will significantly reduce Russian and U.S. nuclear arsenals, and includes strong verification measures to maintain strategic stability and ensure both sides faithfully implement the agreement.  In addition, this treaty maintains our ability to deter our adversaries with nuclear weapons, and our missile defense system is in no way constrained by this historic agreement.
“Strategic arms control treaties similar to this one have historically passed the Senate with strong bipartisan support, and I am confident that this agreement will receive the 67 votes from both sides of the aisle needed for passage.  There is no need to play politics with something as important as this is to our national security.  I look forward to passing this out of committee and working with Chairs Kerry, Levin and Feinstein to bring this treaty to the Senate floor.”