Senate Democrats

Reid Spokesman: Immigration Reform Is A Priority For The Senate

Washington, D.C.José Dante Parra, spokesman for Nevada Senator Harry Reid issued the following statement today restating Sen. Reid’s strong commitment to have immigration reform legislation brought to the U.S. Senate floor this Congress:
“Sen. Reid has been consistent for months about his desire to pass an immigration reform bill that is tough, fair and practical. At the beginning of this Congress, Sen. Reid included immigration reform among the Senate’s top priorities and that is where such reform remains. This reform must include strong and effective enforcement of our borders; a requirement that immigrants here illegally register with the government, learn English, pay taxes, pass criminal background checks, and get in the back of the line to earn legalization; and punish unscrupulous employers who abuse immigrants and undercut American workers.

“On Saturday in Nevada, he reaffirmed his unyielding support for such a bill. His commitment remains as firm today as it was Saturday, as it was in January of last year, and as it has been over the years he has taken on the challenge of fixing our broken system. Make no mistake, as soon as he gets a bill from Sens. Schumer, Graham and the Judiciary Committee, Sen. Reid will bring immigration reform to the floor of the U.S. Senate, and hopes Republicans will join Democrats in doing what’s right for our country.”