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Reid: Nevadans Want Strong Wall Street Reform, Not Republican Excuses For Delay

Washington, DCNevada Senator Harry Reid released the following statement today in response to a letter from the Senate Republican caucus about Wall Street reform efforts:   “The scores of Nevadans who I hear from every day want to clean up Wall Street and create a financial system that works for all consumers, homeowners and investors – not just rich bank executives.  I appreciate this letter from my Republican colleagues, but its rhetoric does not match their actions or reality.   “We agree that reform should be the result of bipartisan negotiations, and that’s why Chairman Dodd has included language in his bill developed and agreed to by Republican committee members.  In fact, the top Republican on the committee said publicly just last month that he approved of 80 percent of that bill.   “Nevadans want strong reform, not some letter that is intended to delay efforts to hold Wall Street fully accountable.  If Republicans want to allow the same Wall Street greed and excess that crippled our economy to continue, that is their choice.  But it is my hope that in the coming days they will spend less time writing letters and meeting with Wall Street executives, and more time helping us pass a bill that holds Wall Street accountable and protects consumers, investors and financial institutions.”