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Reid Statement On SEC Accusations Against Goldman Sachs

Washington, DCNevada Senator Harry Reid released the following statement today in response to SEC charges against Goldman Sachs regarding mortgage investments:   “Millions of Nevadans and Americans are struggling every day to make ends meet and stay in their homes.  Any accusations about wrongdoing that could affect Nevada families should be taken seriously and fully investigated.  I’m pleased that the Obama Administration is using all of the tools in its arsenal to bring accountability to Wall Street and standing up for homeowners and small businesses across America.   “This is also why we need to pass strong Wall Street reform this year.  When we clean up Wall Street, we will establish clear rules of the road to help keep Nevada families in their homes while protecting consumers, investors and financial institutions.  We will stop banks from becoming ‘too big to fail’ and end taxpayer bailouts.  Republicans should stop obstructing our efforts to hold Wall Street accountable so that Main Street can once again prosper.”