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Reid Spokesman: Yet Another Rebuke To McConnell’s False Attacks Emerges As Americans Are Still Waiting For Him To Come Clean About His Secret, Back-Room Meeting With Wall Street

Washington, DCJim Manley, spokesman for Nevada Senator Harry Reid, released the following statement today on the latest rebuke to Senator McConnell’s false rhetoric. The independent, non-partisan fact-checker PolitiFact finds that Senator McConnell’s statements are “false” and “seriously overheated rhetoric”:   “It’s now been 13 days since Senators McConnell and Cornyn held a secret, closed-door meeting with two dozen elite Wall Street lobbyists and executives, but they still refuse to tell the American people basic information, like who attended and what was discussed.  For instance, did Senator McConnell use this meeting with Wall Street executives and lobbyists to devise the false rhetoric he’s been using to try and water down bipartisan efforts to hold Wall Street accountable for their reckless gambling that led to 8 million Americans losing their jobs?   “We know that the Republican Leader is taking his cue from big bank lobbyists to kill reform at all costs, but he should stop misleading the public and, while he’s at it, come clean about any secret deals he cut to let Wall Street off the hook.”