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How It’s Playing: GOP Blocking Wall Street Accountability

In case you needed any more evidence of how poorly Republicans’ decision to protect Wall Street over the interests of hard-working Americans is playing, here’s a review of today’s headlines in the nation’s leading newspapers. Whether our Republican colleagues are following marching orders received in their closed-door meeting with Wall Street executives or merely obstructing for other reasons, we hope they will change course and stop blocking us from even debating a bill to hold Wall Street accountable.
NEW YORK TIMES – G.O.P. BLOCKS DEBATE ON FINANCIAL OVERSIGHT BILL – Senate Republicans, united in opposition to the Democrats’ legislation to tighten regulation of the financial system, voted on Monday to block the bill from reaching the floor for debate. LINK
ASSOCIATED PRESS – DEMOCRATS, UNDAUNTED, KEEP FOCUS ON WALL STREET – Democrats planned to keep up the pressure on Republicans after an expected setback put the brakes on Senate consideration of financial regulations. LINK
WASHINGTON POST – FINANCIAL OVERHAUL BLOCKED BY GOP – Republicans voted unanimously Monday to block an effort to overhaul financial regulations from reaching the Senate floor, pledging to hold out for significant changes to the bill. LINK
LOS ANGELES TIMES – GOP SENATORS BLOCK DEBATE ON FINANCE BILL – Senate Republicans on Monday united to block legislation that would make the most far-reaching changes in financial industry regulation since the Great Depression. LINK
WALL STREET JOURNAL – FINANCE-BILL PROPOSAL WORRIES BANKS – A proposal gaining ground on Capitol Hill to force banks to spin off their derivatives-trading operations would represent a severe blow to one of Wall Street’s most profitable businesses. LINK
USA TODAY – BANK DEBATE STALLS IN SENATE AS INDUSTRY POLISHES IMAGE – As Wall Street braces for an epic political battle, it is difficult to exaggerate either what is at stake or how battered is the financial industry’s public image. LINK
BLOOMBERG – REPUBLICAN REJECTION OF FINANCE BILL MAY OPEN PARTY TO ATTACKS – Senate Republicans blocked debate over new financial rules on the eve of a congressional hearing involving Goldman Sachs Group Inc., a move that may open the party to attacks that it’s soft on Wall Street. LINK
ROLL CALL – SENATE DEMOCRATS LOSE REFORM VOTE, BUT SMELL VICTORY – Senate Democrats got exactly what they wanted Monday night: a concrete way to try to tar Republicans as beholden to Wall Street schemers who would put the country in danger of another financial industry collapse. LINK
THE HILL – GOP BLOCKS WALL ST. BILL – Senate Republicans held ranks on Monday and blocked a Democratic effort to overhaul the financial system and crack down on Wall Street. LINK