Senate Democrats

Reid: Nevada Families Finally Get The Debate On Wall Street Reform That They Deserve

Washington, DCNevada Senator Harry Reid released the following statement this afternoon after Republicans agreed to drop their objections to a Senate floor debate on Wall Street accountability legislation:
“The American people have waited long enough for their leaders to get to work cleaning up Wall Street.  First on Monday, and then on Tuesday, and twice more today, Senate Democrats have asked one thing: that we be allowed to debate – that we simply be allowed to do our jobs as legislators, and legislate.
“We believe in this bill to crack down on Wall Street and to protect families’ savings and seniors’ pensions.  But we never asked for the Senate to unanimously or blindly approve a single policy.  We never sought to send this bill directly from the committee room to the President’s desk.  The only thing we’ve fought for is the opportunity to have that conversation.  After months of bipartisan meetings and negotiations, it is time to move this debate from the sidelines to the playing field – to the Senate floor, which is where it belongs.
“Senate Republicans have finally agreed to let us begin this debate, which we appreciate, and we hope this foreshadows more cooperation to come.  I know Republicans have their own suggestions and amendments for improving this bill.  Democrats do, too.  Now that we’ll be able to begin that process, the American people will finally have the opportunity to watch and weigh those ideas.
“Nothing has changed from our end since Monday.  We’ve always wanted to start the debate on Wall Street reform with an open, bipartisan amendment process.  I will offer the first amendment, combining the best parts of the Banking Committee’s and the Agriculture Committee’s bills. Obstruction has wasted enough of the American people’s time and now it’s time to get to work."