Senate Democrats

Reid: Republicans Prefer Secrecy And Business As Usual Over An Open Debate On Wall Street Reform

Washington, DCNevada Senator Harry Reid released the following statement this afternoon after Republicans again voted to block a floor debate on Wall Street accountability legislation for a third consecutive day:

“Seniors, small businesses and middle-class families in Nevada and across America are still paying the price for the unregulated greed and excess on Wall Street that almost sunk our economy.  Democrats are trying to make sure that this never happens again, and we are eager to have an open debate on the Senate floor about how best to hold Wall Street accountable.  But Republicans have allowed for another day to pass with the same rules in place that cost many Nevada families everything.
“If Republicans have ideas to bolster reform, we welcome those ideas and look forward to discussing them in full view of the public.  None of this can happen unless Republicans stop standing in the way and agree to bring a bill to the floor so we can debate it.  Their repeated efforts to block an open debate on Wall Street accountability legislation shows that they are trying to avoid a public dialogue so they can water down reform in secret.
“Senate Democrats are hopeful that eventually some Republicans will realize the damage they are doing and allow for an open debate.  We are committed to this effort, and we will not back down in our efforts to hold Wall Street accountable and to protect middle-class families.”