Senate Democrats

Republicans Go Behind Closed Doors

The Senate Democratic Communications Center today released a new smash hit video called "Behind Closed Doors." The official release and exclusive trailer are below.  ————————————————————————————————————


April 29, 2010 Contact: Erin Skinner Cochran, Reid (202) 224-1454   EXCLUSIVE TRAILER FOR THE BLOCKBUSTER OF THE SUMMER: "BEHIND CLOSED DOORS!"   WASHINGTON, DC – On day 21 since Republican Senators met in secret with Wall Street executives, an exclusive trailer previews what promises to be the blockbuster hit of the summer — a spine-tingling, hair-raising epic that looks at what happens when Republican Senators and Wall Street executives go…BEHIND CLOSED DOORS!   Starring: Sen. Mitch McConnell Republican Sen. John Cornyn And featuring: Mysterious Wall Street Executives   Excerpt: "They said they wanted transparency, but when it came to Wall Street reform, they went…BEHIND CLOSED DOORS!"What was discussed?"What deals were made?"No one will ever know. [Sinister laugh]"Will Republicans change their ways? Will they stop protecting Wall Street, and stand with Democrats for hard-working Americans?
"Stay tuned for the thrilling conclusion to…BEHIND CLOSED DOORS!"
WATCH THE TRAILER NOW AT:   "Behind Closed Doors in the latest smash hit from Executive Producer Rodell Mollineau, creater of the 2009 existential thriller "Middle Class" and the 2010 Cannes Palme d’Or winner, "Republicans, Les Amis de la Rue Wall."   ##