Senate Democrats

SDCC Invites The American People To Play “Republican Talking Point Bingo”

New Game Lets Players Match Republicans’ Words with the Advice of Their Favorite Wall Street Consultant

Washington, DC— Today the Senate Democratic Communications Center (SDCC) invited the American people to learn more about the poll-tested phrases and scare tactics that Republicans are using to kill Wall Street accountability legislation by playing “Republican Talking Point Bingo.”  If Republicans insist on playing games with Wall Street accountability legislation, then you should too. To help pass the time as Republicans seek carve-outs and loopholes for lobbyists in the Wall Street accountability bill, the SDCC invites you to play a round of Republican bingo with their favorite talking points, Wall Street consultant Frank Luntz’s words that work.
Click HERE to print a card or play the online version!
“Republicans have learned a lot from their secret, closed-door sessions with big bank lobbyists, and we want to make sure that the American people know why they are using misleading words and phrases to kill Wall Street accountability legislation,” said Regan Lachapelle, SDCC Spokeswoman.  “We find ‘Republican Talking Point Bingo’ to be pretty entertaining but we’d rather Republicans stop playing games to let big banks off the hook and start working with Democrats to protect seniors, small businesses and middle-class families from risky Wall Street gambling.”