Senate Democrats

Reid: Recent Jobs Numbers Promising, But We Have To Continue To Support Struggling Families And Small Businesses In Nevada

Washington, DCNevada Senator Harry Reid released the following statement today in reaction to the April jobs report from the Bureau of Labor Statistics:
“While we are receiving some encouraging news about our economy, I am under no illusion we’re out of the woods just yet – there are still too many unemployed Nevadans and too many people struggling to make ends meet.  That is why I will continue to pursue an aggressive job-creation agenda.
“Senate Democrats are working in a bipartisan way to create clean energy jobs and make it easier for small businesses to hire workers. We will fight to keep teachers in the classroom, firefighters in our communities and police officers on the beat.  But we must first complete our work to hold Wall Street accountable and ensure that the financial crisis that cost Nevadans and all Americans millions of jobs never happens again.”