Senate Democrats

Reid: Senate Democrats Fighting To Create A More Transparent Financial System And Protect Middle-Class Families

Washington, DCNevada Senator Harry Reid released the following statement today after the Senate voted to pass the Sanders amendment to Wall Street accountability legislation.  This amendment creates greater transparency at the Federal Reserve and holds big banks accountable:
“Nevadans want us to hold Wall Street accountable and protect families from the reckless behavior that caused 8 million people to lose their jobs and millions more to lose their retirement savings and economic security.  Senator Sanders’ amendment ensures greater transparency at the Federal Reserve and discloses which big banks took trillions in loans at the taxpayers’ expense.
“If we’re going to protect our economy and middle-class Americans, we have to know what happened to cause the recent financial crisis so that history never repeats itself.  Senate Democrats are fighting to give Nevada seniors, small businesses and middle-class families the answers that they deserve.”