Senate Democrats

Reid: Recovery Package Supports Affected Workers And Industries Harmed By Gulf Of Mexico Oil Spill

Washington, DCNevada Senator Harry Reid released the following statement today regarding the Gulf of Mexico oil spill recovery package announced by President Obama today:
“We must immediately and fully support efforts to recover from the Gulf of Mexico oil spill that has damaged our environment, our economy and our national-energy resources.  While BP must pay for cleaning up this disaster, our government has a duty to help affected workers and industries that were harmed in the interim. 
“The oil spill recovery package the White House announced today supports those who lost their jobs because of the spill, helps our fishing industries, helps prevent similar incidents in the future, funds environmental impact studies, and increases the liability cap and cleanup fund to continue holding the responsible oil companies accountable.  Democrats are committed to ensuring BP pays every dime it costs to clean up this mess; taxpayers in Nevada and across America should not foot the bill for their mistakes.
“Bipartisan cooperation has been difficult to secure in the past, but Senate Democrats hope that our shared duty to support struggling workers and industries and to ensure that BP bears the full cost of its negligence will convince our Republican colleagues to work with us and not obstruct swift passage of this critical assistance.”