Senate Democrats

Senator Reid Meets Supreme Court Nominee Elena Kagan

Just two days after President Obama announced Solicitor General Elena Kagan as his nominee to replace Justice Stevens on the Supreme Court, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid met this morning with Kagan to discuss her upcoming confirmation hearing.   At the conclusion of his meeting Kagan, Reid released the following statement:

“My meeting with Solicitor General Kagan today left me confident that she is the right choice to replace Justice Stevens on the Supreme Court.  She has a strong belief that the Supreme Court should be a forum where the rule of law wins out and where people from every walk of life can receive a fair hearing.  Her impressive credentials and understanding of the real-world impact of the Court’s rulings on Nevadans and all Americans will serve her well in this role.    “After a fair review of her record and individual meetings, I believe that Elena Kagan should receive strong bipartisan support similar to that which she received just last year when she was confirmed as Solicitor General.  I look forward to ensuring her a swift, fair and respectful confirmation process.”