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Reid: Republicans Are Protecting BP Leaving Taxpayers On The Hook To Pay For Cleanup

Washington, DCNevada Senator Harry Reid released the following statement today regarding Republican efforts to block The Big Oil Bailout Prevention Act, a bill that would hold oil polluters accountable for their negligence:
“Nevadans are alarmed by the recent oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, and they want to ensure that the environmental impact is minimized and that we never allow this to happen again.  But they also want to make sure that the negligent oil companies who cause disasters like this pay to clean it up, not taxpayers.  That’s why Democrats, led by Senators Menendez, Lautenberg and Nelson, are trying to pass common-sense legislation to ensure that BP pays for the full cost of cleanup and that taxpayers in Nevada and across America are protected.
“Inexplicably, Republicans are protecting negligent oil companies like BP and blocking our efforts to prevent a BP bailout.  Through their obstruction, Republicans are leaving taxpayers on the hook to pay for BP’s negligence.
“Republicans should drop their objections, and support our efforts to hold big oil companies accountable and prevent a BP bailout.  I am committed to protecting taxpayers in Nevada and across America from paying for corporate negligence.”