Senate Democrats

Reid: The Time Is Now To Complete Our Work To Hold Wall Street Accountable And Protect Nevada Families

Washington, DCNevada Senator Harry Reid released the following statement this evening regarding the need for the Senate to complete its work on Wall Street reform legislation:
“Every day I hear from Nevadans who lost their homes and their retirement savings because of the reckless behavior and greed on Wall Street.  These Nevadans and millions more across America want us to complete our work on Wall Street accountability legislation as quickly as possible so they are not vulnerable to the same excesses that almost sunk our economy two years ago.  I agree, which is why Senate Democrats will move to pass Wall Street reform this week.
“This debate has been healthy, and it has served as an important opportunity for Senators to offer their amendments and ideas to strengthen this bill.  We’ve made good consumer protections even stronger, underscored our commitment to end taxpayer bailouts and created even more rigorous accountability for big banks.  This was a good bill when we began debate two weeks ago and it is even better now.
“I am hopeful that Republicans share our belief that now is the time to complete our work on this important bill and move back to our equally important jobs agenda.”