Senate Democrats

Reid Statement On Speech By Mexican President Felipe Calderon To Joint Session Of Congress

Washington, D.C.Nevada Senator Harry Reid made the following statement today in reaction to Mexican President Felipe Calderón Hinojosa’s address to a joint session of Congress:
“President Calderón today confirmed a view I’ve always had: Mexico is a neighbor, a friend, and a partner. We have cultural, historic, and economic ties that bind our nations— and as President Calderón said— the strongest tie we share is our common future. In Nevada, Hispanics are about a quarter of our population and more than 80% are of Mexican origin. Their contributions are evident from our state’s name to their important role in our local economy.
“As we share a natural border, Mexico and the United States also share challenges. The drug violence that is fueled by American consumption only gets worse every day it goes unaddressed. It will take continued cooperation between our nations to solve those problems and improve the quality of American and Mexican lives both in Juarez and Las Vegas.
“I was heartened to learn about the efforts President Calderón has undertaken to control the migration of his people to the U.S. On our side of the border, I believe the immigration problem cannot be solved at the state level or in a piecemeal fashion, but must be addressed at the federal level and comprehensively. The immigration system in our country is broken, and the only way of fixing it is through close partnership between Democrats and Republicans. We need comprehensive immigration reform that is tough, fair, and practical— and we need it sooner rather than later.
“President Calderón can count on Senate Democrats as partners who will continue working for the common good of our nations, and we continue to invite Republicans to join us in that partnership.”