Senate Democrats

Reid Statement On House Administration Committee Passage Of The Disclose Act

Washington, DCNevada Senator Harry Reid released the following statement today applauding the House Administration Committee for voting the DISCLOSE Act out of committee yesterday.  The DISCLOSE Act would create tough new requirements to shed new light on spending by corporations and foreign entities in U.S. elections:
“Nevadans and all Americans know that the last thing America needs is foreign governments and special interests to gain more influence over our democratic process.  That’s why I was disappointed by the Supreme Court’s decision to let big corporations spend unlimited money to influence our elections, and allow foreign entities to meddle in our electoral process.
“Congressional Democrats are fighting to make sure that foreign governments and corporate interests do not drown out the voices of middle-class Americans and the House took a significant step yesterday to remedy this. I applaud the leadership of the House Administration Committee to move their bill forward that would establish rigorous new disclosure requirements for election-related spending by big oil corporations, Wall Street and other special interests. And, it would keep foreign interests out of federal elections altogether.
“Senate Democrats unveiled similar legislation just last month and we continue to work to strengthen our proposal. The shift of influence away from everyday, working Americans toward corporate interests must be reversed because of the harm that it has caused and will continue to cause to Main Streets in Nevada and across America.”