Senate Democrats

Renewable Energy Is the Key to Our National Security

BP will today try to choke off the oil gusher at the bottom of the Gulf of Mexico by force-feeding it heavy drilling mud and cement. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid admitted "waiting with bated breath" to hear the results of this attempt to stop the leak that started more than a month ago. The scene on the ground in Louisiana is bleak.

"In the Louisiana marsh, oil-coated pelicans flap their wings in a futile attempt to dry them. A shorebird repeatedly dunks its face in a puddle, unable to wash off. Lines of dead jellyfish float in the gulf, traces of oil visible in their clear "bells."
— Washington Post, Juliet Eilperin & David A. Fahrenthold, May 26, 2010

Even if BP’s plans to block the leak work, it will do nothing to solve the crisis created by the oil that has already escaped. As we examine what can be done to prevent a disaster like this from happening again, it is imperative that we address our nation’s dependence on foreign oil. 
Senators John Kerry and Harry Reid today urged the country to support a move to renewable energy. "If the Gulf oil thing tells us anything, folks, it’s that this is not a good risk we’re taking," Sen. John Kerry said to USA TODAY’s Susan Page. "The sooner we can move off fossil fuels and into a new energy paradigm, the better for our nation." Reid shared Kerry’s sentiment on the Senate floor this morning. "We will never be a secure nation [when] we’re dependent on foreign oil," said Reid. "This is an opportunity for us as a country to move away from fossil fuel, to do a better job of looking at renewable energies that are available to us all over this country."