Senate Democrats

Reid Statement On Nomination Of General James Clapper For Director Of National Intelligence

Washington, DCNevada Senator Harry Reid released the following statement today in reaction to the recent nomination of General James Clapper for Director of National Intelligence:
“The next Director of National Intelligence (DNI) will inherit a tremendous set of challenges. We will ask him to continue the reform of our Intelligence community undertaken in the wake of the 9/11 attacks – streamlining, integrating and directing the 16 disparate elements of the Intelligence community.  We will ask him to coordinate and strike a sound balance between often competing interests of our military and civilian intelligence programs.  Most importantly, we will ask him to ensure that policymakers receive the timely, relevant and precise intelligence we need to keep our nation safe.
“A strong DNI who has the confidence of the President, the trust of the Congress and the necessary influence over the entire Intelligence community is critical to our national security.  With his distinguished record of service, it is clear why General James Clapper has been nominated by President Obama to meet these challenges.  During his four decades of public service, he has earned a reputation for sound judgment, strong leadership and close familiarity with the work of our 16 intelligence agencies.  I am pleased that General Clapper has stated his intention to work closely with the Congress if confirmed.  Fulfilling that commitment will be critical if he is to achieve the results and reform our national security demands.
“The next step in this process is for the Senate Intelligence Committee to conduct a thorough examination of General Clapper’s record and obtain his views on important issues, including conducting a hearing.  Chairman Feinstein has indicated she intends to do just that and I look forward to learning the Committee’s views on this critical nomination.”