Senate Democrats

Schumer, Merkley Discuss How Democrats Are Working To Close Outsourcing Loopholes, Cut Taxes And Create Jobs

Washington, DC— Senate Democratic Conference Vice Chairman Chuck Schumer and Senator Jeff Merkley held a press conference this morning to discuss Democratic efforts to close outsourcing loopholes, cut middle-class taxes and create new jobs.  Some of the same Republicans who voted to pass tax cuts for CEOs who ship American jobs overseas are now threatening to block this bill that would create jobs and protect the middle class.  Democrats are calling on Republicans to support this bill and stop putting the interests of big corporations over those of middle-class families and small businesses.  
"We are keeping our eye on the ball by keeping jobs number one on the agenda,” said Senator Schumer.  “This legislation will improve the jobs picture by stopping outsourcing and providing critical support to small businesses. We are trading offshoring for shoring up of U.S. jobs.”
"We should be doing everything we can to create new jobs here in America, not subsidizing the outsourcing of jobs abroad,” said Senator Merkley.  "Multinational corporations use legions of lawyers to avoid paying taxes altogether.  This bill will close egregious loopholes and at the same time help businesses that create jobs here in America."