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Reid Spokesman: Do Senate Republicans Agree With John Boehner That Taxpayers Should Pay To Clean Up BP’s Mess?

Washington, DCJim Manley, spokesman for Nevada Senator Harry Reid, released the following statement today calling on Republicans to explain whether they agree with House Republican Leader John Boehner’s comments that taxpayers should pay to clean up the BP oil spill:
“Leader Boehner just took Republicans’ defense of special interests to a whole new level by saying taxpayers should pay to clean up BP’s mess. This may explain why Republicans have repeatedly blocked Democrats’ attempts to hold BP accountable, and why today they’re trying to hand a $47 billion giveaway to Big Oil.

"Senate Republicans should tell the American people whether they agree with Leader Boehner’s comments.  The public deserves to know whether Republicans are going to join Democrats to hold BP accountable, or just continue to protect big oil companies — the same way Republicans have protected big banks and health care companies.”