Senate Democrats

Reid Remarks Following Democratic Caucus Meeting On Clean Energy Legislation

Washington, DCNevada Senator Harry Reid made the following remarks after a Democratic Caucus meeting on clean energy legislation this afternoon.  Below are his remarks as prepared for delivery:
“Today’s meeting was a productive and robust discussion on the need to pass strong clean energy legislation to secure our economic future.
“Senators shared good suggestions for the best way forward.
“There are a lot of strong passions and arguments but there is clear agreement on the need to move forward this summer on comprehensive clean energy legislation.
“Whatever form that takes, we agree:
·        it must deal with the catastrophe in the Gulf;
·        it must create millions of jobs;
·        it must cut pollution; and
·        it must strengthen our economic security, our national security and our energy independence.
“I’m looking forward to meeting at the White House with the relevant chairmen and leaders in the Senate, and with our Republican colleagues to forge a path forward.
“We’re going to write a bill that sets reasonable goals over a reasonable timeframe that will benefit both our environment and our economy.  We’re going to write a bill that can pass the Senate.
“My caucus is ready to get to work, but we need the cooperation of brave Republicans and it is our hope they join us in putting good policy over bad politics.”