Senate Democrats

Reid: Republicans Turn Their Backs On Middle-Class Nevadans

Washington, DCNevada Senator Harry Reid released the following statement today after Republicans blocked legislation to create jobs, cut middle-class taxes, help small businesses, and restore tax fairness between the wealthy and the middle class:
“Nevada families are counting on us to help them make ends meet and small businesses are looking for help to keep their doors open.  Democrats have fought for months to create jobs, cut taxes, close corporate loopholes and help small businesses recover.  But on vote after vote to help middle-class Americans, every single Republican has instead chosen to protect corporate America.
“I am deeply disappointed that Republicans continue to block this good bill.  Unemployment in Nevada has climbed to the highest in the nation, and Nevadans need our help to create jobs and make ends meet while they look for work.  On top of that, difficult budget decisions at the state level are leaving our teachers, firefighters and policeman vulnerable to layoffs.  This bill would go a long way to addressing these challenges in a fiscally-responsible way.  
“Democrats have given Republicans every chance to say ‘yes’ to this bill and support economic recovery for our middle class.  But they made a choice to say ‘no’ yet again and now they owe the American people an explanation for why they refuse to do anything to help those hurt by their failed policies.”